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Free software to customize the user experience of Windows operating systems

Aero Enabler is a system utility which is normally not present within common versions of Windows such as Windows Vista or Windows XP. Officially referred to as desktop customization software, this package will provide users with many more options than would be available within a standard system utilities package. There is no charge to install this application.

Basic Description and Functions

Aero Enabler can be thought of as a more advanced and in-depth option for anyone who has been looking to fully customize their overall desktop experience. Colors, themes and window sizes can all be adjusted with the click of a button. With a file size of only 729 kilobytes, it is also quite lightweight when contrasted with similar customization packages. It is intended to be used with Windows Vista or previous operating systems. Users can also access all open-source coding if desired.

Additional Features

Aero Enabler can disable an internal hardware check that is normally required for this bundle to be downloaded, so users should not have a problem during the installation process. As of the latest update, it is available in English and German. However, we should make it a point to note that no additional languages appear to be supported.


  • Aero Enabler is a free alternative to many other customization bundles.
  • Users can modify its functionality based off of open-source coding.


  • Only meant to be used with older operating systems prior to Windows Vista.
  • There is no complete guarantee that the download link is safe.

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Aero Enabler


Aero Enabler for PC

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